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What Are The Differences between Sportbike Gear & Cruiser Gear

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The Best Sport Bike Gear Looks good & Protects!Whether you`re on a Harley Davidson, or a Kawasaki ZX10R every rider needs protective gear. Most riders know what they want when they shop; however, there are different needs in your style of gear depending on what you ride. What are the differences between sportbike gear and cruiser gear? These two styles of bikes definitely cater to a different crowd; the ride on each type of bike is different based on the performance and mechanical makeup -- so, what are the reasons for the differences in gear?

Let`s take a look at why sportbike gear is different than cruiser gear. The answer is not all that complicated, really; it`s driven by several factors, but the one that is most influential is speed and power. The average Harley Davidson (stock) with a 96 cubic inch motor produces about 80 horse power. The new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R claims to produce about 197 HP right off the showroom floor. This is one of the main reasons sportbike gear is vastly different in safety features and style -- sport bikes are faster.

Half HelmetUsually, the Harley rider won`t have to worry about sliding down the pavement at 90 mph when they miss a curve like a sport bike rider. Cruiser riders, generally speaking, like a more open and comfortable look and feel in their gear. Most riders will choose a half shell helmet for a more open and comfortable ride -- hence the name cruiser. Cruiser gear will tend to be lighter weight, more exposed, and the styles and colors of cruiser gear will generally reflect that "old school street" appearance.

Sportbike gear will normally -- primarily -- focus on safety and protection. In spite of this primary focus on safety, manufacturers like Icon, Alpinestars, and Nolan don`t shy away from style. The range in styles of gear is rather extensive compared to cruiser gear. The cruiser gear that is out there generally caters to a certain look, rather than safety features. The manufacturers of sportbike gear offer some fantastic colors, styles, and graphics you won`t quite find at the Harley shop.

Brown Engineer Motorcycle BootsEven though the styles of gear are vast and often quite different, riders are rugged individualists. Riders who prefer a sport bike may also wear a cruiser style of boot -- like an engineer boot or a box toe boot for example. Boots that are designed for riding a sport bike will generally have a flatter (non-treaded) soul on them. Often times these boots will also have a shin guard stitched into the front of the boot for protection.

Helmets for sport bikes will tend to be closed faced and offer total head and face protection for the rider, whereas the cruiser helmets are generally in some sort of a half shell design. Gloves will often include knuckle and palm protection for the sport bike rider, in contrast, the cruiser style gloves will often be a gauntlet style or smooth leather.

There are a number of reasons for the differences between sportbike gear and cruiser gear; however, the most important differences are normally tied to safety and protection. Again, this is primarily because sport bikes are faster and more powerful as a general rule than are cruisers.

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