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What to Look For When Buying A Motorcycle Helmet

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Buy Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Buying a motorcycle helmet may the most important purchase a motorcycle rider can make, even more important than the motorcycle itself, although some may disagree. This piece of riding gear is essentially what protects a rider's head from damage in a crash. Brain damage in many cases tends to be permanent. So a good helmet matters.

The above said, a large number of helmets exist on the market today, which can be very confusing for both new and experienced riders. However, certain safety aspects can help trim down the selection to those that matter.

First, a helmet should be certified. The standard is either a federal Department of Transportation stamped helmet or one with a Snell tag on it. D.O.T. helmets incorporate manufacturing criteria that have been tested by the Department, passing impact tests performed in independent government labs. Snell helmets meet the same standards as D.O.T. helmets plus some additional features that the Snell Memorial Foundation looks for. Both standards meet the needed safety impact ratings required for a safe motorcycle helmet. Beanie Half Helmets For Sale

The safety standard expected from passing motorcycle helmets includes the ability to absorb a certain level of impact and still protect the rider's head inside. This also includes stopping any penetration as well as breaking apart on impact or coming off. A restraint mechanism also needs to be included in the helmet design to avoid rip-away.

Second, retention of a motorcycle helmet also matters as well as general comfort. While a helmet can pass an independent test rating, if the unit is too big or too small it won't do a rider any good. It also should have a strap that is either a belt buckle style restraint or a snap-lock strap. Once engaged, the helmet should stay on even if pulled from the back.

The fit and comfort of a helmet matters if the rider wants to keep the motorcycle helmet for any length of time. Too tight and the helmet will cause facial pain and headaches. Too loose and it will begin to bruise the top of the head bouncing on a persons head. Given that some helmets cost hundreds of dollars, taking the time to get a fit right can save some serious disappointment down the road.

Third, the protection area of motorcycle helmets makes a difference in accident damage. While half-shells also called half helmets definitely give more viewing access, they also expose most or all of the face to impact. Many a person who has flown off a motorcycle has had to have their jaw wired shut to heal, losing a few teeth along the way as well. A full-face helmet can prevent this sort of facial damage as well as potential brain damage. However, each style has its following with sport riders favoring full-face models and cruiser riders using half-shells or beanie helmets.

Finally, there is cost. Many riders are on a budget, especially young people starting out on two wheels. However, money alone should not be the reason to buy a sub-standard motorcycle helmet. If a rider can't at least get a certified helmet, he should wait a bit longer and save up some more. It can mean the difference between life and death. Better helmets will cost more, but good D.O.T. helmets can be had for as little as $100. It's worth the wait if a few more dollars are needed.

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