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What Makes For The Best Motorcycle Leather Jackets

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Anyone who consistently rides knows that motorcycle leather jackets are the prevelant choice among bikers. Just about everyone looks cool in a leather biker jacket. However, bikers have a priority over 'looking cool'. Most riders main objective when wearing leathers is to protect from the many road hazards. A motorcyclist has little to no protection from crashes and slides except for their riding gear choices. These choices must be made with sensibility for their own safety, and this safety can be found in the way that a jacket is manufactured. Motorcycle leather jackets are usually made of the best quality  material, top quality brand jackets especially focus on this because these particular items are used for protection therefore quality of the materials and craftsmanship are important.  Since skin and pavement don't get along a top brand leather motorcycle jacket can help you keep the skin on your body instead of the road.

Motorcycle leather jackets can be purchased in the traditional black or an array of colors to suit the taste of the rider. You also have quite an array of design choices from the very traditional to the ultra modern when it comes to a choice for this particular item their are many. Biker Jackets are made with a strong focus on providing protection for the rider. If you examine a real leather motorcycle jacket you will find that the leather is thicker, the stitching is re enforced, most also integrate body armor in the areas of the shoulders, forearms and back. So you see the main focus is on protecting you butt incase you are ever unfortunate enough to get closely acquainted with the road. Now granted most biker leathers look cool because of a lot of the things I just mentioned. All of that safety makes for a rugged looking piece of motorcycle gear.The Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets

When choosing a jacket you should ask yourself a few questions like: How often will I wear this jacket and what type of weather do I ride in most of the time. Depending on if you are using your bike to commute or just for nice days on weekend your choice will be affected. Also if you are in a tropical climate you want to find jackets that offer the best ventilation so you don't melt in that 100+ degree weather you might be in.

 The better quality biker jackets tend to offer the best protection to the rider and therefore should be a logical choice when making a buying decision. Kevlar is a material used in many motorcycle accessories, including leather jackets. Kevlar will keep objects from penetrating the motorcyclists body. Kevlar will not stop bruising, however a bruise is a small price to pay instead of a serious puncture wound from trees, and or rocks, for an example. Kevlar will not stop a bullet from penetrating a motorcycle jacket. Kevlar will stop bullets from penetrating the jacket when it is made in a different way, such as a bullet-proof policeman's jacket. So don't try that at home. Kevlar in leather motorcycle jackets tends to be used on the interior and in the form of thread for the seams.

A motorcycle jacket normally has many more inside and outside pockets then a regular leather jacket.  The many pockets can help you with carrying all your valuables since bikes don't have trunks nor ample storage space.

Motorcyclists in many countries are now being required to wear an array of personal protective equipment. For details check with your local DMV. In the USA we tend to have helmet laws which vary from state to state.

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