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What Riding Apparel Is Motorcycle Gear

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What all is considered motorcycle gear?

Full Face Motorcycle HelmetMotorcycle gear is the most essential items that you need as a rider to maintain the maximum amount of safety.  The most important would be a helmet, after that a good quality motorcycle jacket, gloves, boots and some riding pants if you want to go the extra mile and protect yourself as much as possible. Lest go over each and every item on the gear list in a bit more detail.

motorcycle helmet being the most essential safety item for a biker is number one on the list. Now not all states have helmet laws so you do have a choice to wear one of these or not. If we are talking safety a helmet is a must. When choosing a motorcycle helmet make sure you get a DOT approved helmet. If it is also Snell approved even better. These two certifications let you know that the helmets have been tested to withstand impact. You will find some cheap helmets out there that do not have these certifications. I would advise you to stay away from those types unless you are only wearing it for show and not safety.

Leather Motorcycle jacketNext on our list of motorcycle gear we have the trusty biker jacket. Now motorcycle jackets are not something that is required by law in any state that I am aware of but they are a vital piece of gear if you like your skin. Many bikers that have gone down on their bikes and did not wear a biker jacket have expressed that they wish they would have worn one that day! The road is not a very forgiving adversary when it comes in to direct contact with your skin. So when you do decide on a motorcycle jacket go with one that is made from quality materials and not some cheap flimsy leather or other material. The best motorcycle jackets are made from thick leather or a Kevlar mesh with armor in the shoulders forearm and back as well as the areas of the waist. These areas are the most likely to be susceptible to impact in case of an accident.

Full Finger Motorcycle GlovesGloves are another piece of motorcycle gearthat can save the skin on your hands as well as helping you maintain control of your ride by giving you extra grip. Gloves come in many variations. The type of motorcycle gloves you choose is usually dictated by your taste as well as the climate you ride in. If you are in a colder climate a nice pair of lined gloves made from thick leather makes sense. Also heated gloves are an option. If you are in a warm climate then vented or perforated gloves are going to be more of what you will be looking for.

Motorcycle Sport Bike BootsNow when it comes to motorcycle boots there are a lot of choices and you will have to decide which are best suited for you, traditional type engineer boots or a sophisticated sport bike boot. You will find that traditional motorcycle boots and ones made for track days or sport riders vary greatly. The traditional are made from thick leather with a steel toe and a good sole, whereas the other will come with more safety features like ankle protection, shin armor, toe sliders and reinforced ankle protection as well as a shift pad.

Riding pants are the last piece of motorcycle gear we will be discussing. Riding pants traditionally were made from leather but now can be had in denim materials with reinforced areas and Kevlar reinforced stitched seams to keep the material from coming apart easily. Not so long ago the only choice was to have a hot thick leather pair of riding pants but thanks to modern technology you can be more comfortable in some riding pants made from a denim material.

If you have questions about what type of gear is right for you and you riding style or if you are looking for a particular style pleasecontact us and let us assist you.

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