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Which Is Best Motorcycle Saddlebags Or Tankbags

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Whats Bette rMotorcycle Saddlebags Or Tank Bags?While motorcycle riding tends to be for most a riders a day event, that doesn't mean many riders don't want to be able to carry things with them. While using a backpack is obviously one option, doing so can become uncomfortable on a long ride. Further backpacks don't necessary provide sufficient space to carry a number of items. Motorcycle saddlebags provide the natural solution to extra carrying capacity while traveling on two wheels.

Motorcycle bags come in a variety of shapes and designs, all intended to allow a rider to carry items as necessary without having to do on his person. Doing so maintains riding comfort and also reduces having to deal with non-riding issues that can cause safety distractions or unnecessary wind resistance.

The most well-known type of motorcycle luggage tend to be motorcycle saddlebags. These carriers are typically used on cruiser-style motorcycles and connect onto the rear end of the motorcycle, usually underneath the seat area or over the front of the rear wheel fender. Saddle bags come in a variety of materials, typically from hard fiberglass or plastic cases to durable leather bags. All generally work with the same design of a two bag system, one on either side of the motorcycle. This evens out the weight involved and takes advantage of the carrying space possible. Because sport bikes have a much higher rear end frame and smaller seat space, saddle bags don't connect well at all therefore a tankbag makes more sense.

The gas tank tends to take up a considerable amount of space towards the front of a motorcycle, especially on a sport bike. This makes a good spot for a tank bag to be placed on top if the bag can be secured so it doesn't fly off. Cruiser-style bikes could in theory use a tank bag, but it won't hold near the capacity of a pair of saddle bags. It will also probably fit awkwardly on smaller cruiser tanks.

Saddle bags in hard cases tend to come with locks which gives a limited sense of security for whatever is contained inside. A tank bag cannot provide this sort of security. Keep in mind any bag could be popped open with enough purpose, but hard case bags make it more difficult. Hard case motorcycle saddlebags also weather better when riding in the elements as water and dirt just blows or rinses off them.

Leather motorcycle saddlebags provide close to the same storage capacity but tend to be softer and weaker to the outside elements. Additionally, their security capability is almost none as someone just needs to flip the cover or zipper to get into the bag. Most riders don't worry about this issue unless on long trip, however. Either they park the motorcycle in a garage when at home, or it's parked with other motorcycles which seems to discourage wayward hands. You will find modern leather Saddle bags are now available in soft and hard versions. The hard version have a hard plastic lining which keeps them from collapsing as well as making them somewhat waterproof.

Motorcycle saddlebags can be beneficial, but riders need to try them out. Riding with a certain motorcycle bag type is the best way to decide if it works or not for a rider.

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