Thursday, March 17, 2005

Icon motorcycle apparel

Icon makes some of the nicest riding apparel which is mainly aimed at sport bike riders. They make a variety of gear like boots, helmets, jackets and gloves as well as gauntlet gloves. I love the way they use titanium bits on there gloves and jackets. If your looking for flashy then icon bling and burner jackets are a sweet edition to your gear. I think the only bad thing is that the manufacturer does not like for this stuff to be sold on the net. Regardless it can be found readily on the web in lots of places. Discount Motorcycle parts can get it but we are not able to post it on our site. Most of the dealers that do carry it have to hide the true price from the customer since Icon will not let you display a discount price publicly. I personally own a Icon Mainframe helmet which I think is the nicest brain bucket I ever owned. Its super light and really doesn’t jerk your head around when its windy like some other ones I have worn in the past. I have thought about getting one of the timax mesh jacket for the summer but have not decided yet. They are awesome looking and breath real well from what I have herd from friends that own them. The boots they make are more like heavy duty shoes they aren’t boots in the traditional since but more like a heavy duty riding shoe. One of my buds wear his all the time and swears by how comfortable they are. If any of you reading this have any personal experience with icon gear please post a comment and let us know what you think of the stuff. I have a cruiser and a sport bike and I am thinking fo getting a icon timax mesh in all black because that one I could wear with either bike.


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