Look At What I Found For Cash Car Deals In Houston


07 Yukon From Texas Cars & Autos in HoustonWell I needed a good deal on a cash car in Houston and came across Texas Cars & Autos and really got hooked up on a car that was affordable and so far so good is running great and well worth the money I spent. I know finding a used car is a struggle for most of us especially when it comes to dealing with a used car dealer and finding out if they are reputable. Well I can recommend these guys just like they were recommended to me. Yes most of us wanna live on our two wheels but lets face it sometimes you need a cage to handle the family, kids and even to load up your baby when she needs a little TLC.

Been really happy with this vehicle so far. They made me aware of the brakes needing work soon which I really appreciate and for $8700 I paid for it I am more then happy.

So if your looking for a reasonable cash car that you can get in to give these guys a call or check out their site and see what they have that might work for you. I like the fact that they were honest about any known issues with the Yukon I bought. As we all know a used car is a used car so their is no way to tell how long the car will be trouble free but their honesty made me feel a lot more comfortable about buying used from them.



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Found a Cool Motorcycle Rental Site


Listed on ridetheworld.com – the motorcyclists resource for hire, rental and touring 

You can check these guys out its a really great idea they have rental places for bikes listed from all over the world. So for those of us that go out of town or even out of the country this is a great resource to find a place where you can rent and get on two wheels no matter where you are!

They have the whole world covered and you simply find the continent your on and drill down until you get to the area of the world you are in and want to rent a motorcycles.

I will definetly use them the next trip to Vegas when I am looking for a bike for a few days!

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Are Steel Toe Biker Boots Part Of Safety Gear?


Motorcycle Boots With A Steel Toe!Thinking about safety gear is often the last thing a rider considers when he/she buys a new bike or picks out a set of boots. Sure, it depends on the kind of bike you ride. If you ride a sport bike, you probably have a body suit with plate inserts and a full face helmet. On the other hand, if you ride a cruiser, you`re more likely to buy a short sleeve cut-off shirt, a beany helmet, and some Converse-All-stars shoes and hit the road with no real concern for road rash. Many riders fall somewhere in between the two above examples. They care about safety, but they also like comfort and style.

What about steel toe biker boots as another addition to safety gear? Most riders don`t consider a steel toe motorcycle boots when they buy a pair of new boots. Some riders may not even know they exist. There are several styles of boots that are great looking, comfortable, and stylish that have steel toes.

Many riders feel that a steel toe is uncomfortable — not true. With today`s modern materials and designs, many of these boots are very comfortable and can add to your feeling of safety as you hit the road. Many riders are concerned about elbows, knees, and their head when they buy safety gear but they never think about their feet.

I read an article recently about a guy who got his foot caught between his Hwy peg and the road on a sharp turn. It of course broke his ankle, but the road rash practically removed his toes for good. Most people don`t realize that leather helps to stop the road rash pretty well (depending on your speed) but many riders who have eaten some pavement will still get some road rash anyway — leather or not. If this guy would have had steel toe biker boots on at the time, he may still have some toes left. Take a moment to check out some of the available steel toe motorcycle boots on our site. You may be surprised at how good they look.

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Remember Motorcycle Battery Maintenance If you Want to Jump On And Go!


Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery By YuasaRiding season is almost upon us and spring will soon bloom its beauty and great riding weather for all riders to enjoy. On the list of spring chores is of course motorcycle maintenance. One of the things riders often find as they begin this task is that they let their motorcycle battery maintenance go a little too long and their bike won`t crank. Most riders never think about their battery. Most, never realize how much money they can save if they simply purchase a motorcycle battery tender. No matter which type of battery is in your bike, a tender can extend the life of even the cheapest battery for years.

There are three basic types of batteries. Of course the sizes and shapes are numerous according to the type of motorcycle you ride; however, the three basic types of batteries remain the same. There is the conventional “wet” battery, the fully enclosed “maintenance-free” battery, and then the new “Gel” battery.

Of the three, the least expensive is the conventional battery; however, this battery requires more care then the others. Because most riders forget their motorcycle battery maintenance, it is best to purchase one of the two more expensive “Maintenance-free” batteries; or, make sure you buy a battery tender (sometimes called a trickle charger) to keep the battery in good shape.

Depending on your bike and which battery you choose to buy you can spend anywhere from $40-$150 bucks on a battery. This is a generalization because there are a multitude of choices out there for bikes and batteries; however, this is a fairly accurate price point.

I think the two things all rider hate to spend money on are tires and batteries. I know these two items are my least favorite expense; in saying that, I make sure to stay on top of my motorcycle battery maintenance and I also own a trickle charger (motorcycle battery tender) to make sure I get the most out of my investment.

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What Honda Goldwing Accessories Are The Most Popular


LED Accessories For The Honda GL1800One of the great things about the Honda Gold Wing that most owners truly enjoy is the great lines available in Honda Gold Wing Accessories. It’s a rare site these days to see a stripped down — plain — Gold Wing rolling down the highway. Many of us in the motorcycle community have a story to tell about some older couple traveling in a group with a really classy decked out Gold Wing — and matching trailers (laughing).

Honda Gold Wing Chrome Covers!The Harley Davidson has been called the “American Legend” but an argument could be made that the good ol` Honda Gold Wing is an American legend in its own right. It`s very rare to buy a Gold Wing that is stock. Most have been trimmed out with accessories of some sort. I had a friend who purchased an 84` Interstate and it had every chrome trim upgrade available at that time — and some custom paintings on it as well. The most popular Honda Gold Wing Accessories sold are the chrome fender trims, the chrome trim upgrades for the cases, and cowl, windshield and wind deflection accessories, and finally seat upgrades. There are numerous other accessories; however these are the most popular accessories sold according to the numbers.

Our site contains many different items in our Honda Gold Wing Accessories section. We carry, generally speaking, the most popular–or in demand — accessories including those from lines like Kuryakyn. Many Riders think Kuryakyn only catered to Harley`s or other Japanese cruisers in their main lines; however, they have quite a selection for the Honda Gold Wing as well.

Finally, one of the new fads in the motorcycle community is LED lights and trim packages for bikes. Nothing turns heads more than a chromed out bike with LED lights reflecting off the chrome at night. Our accessories lines include several LED options as well for every section of your bike.

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Icon Motorcycle Gloves Are Made To Fit You Flavor & Style of Riding


Icon Device GloveThere is one area of motorcycle gear that a rider just can`t cut corners and that’s in their choice of gloves. Nothing sucks like buying a cheap pair of gloves from the local hardware store (thinking you beat the motorcycle Gods on price) only to find out they offer no protection and little comfort. And if you ever eat some pavement — your gloves will make a world of difference in the road rash department.

Riders need to take care when it comes to gear — it is the one thing that may save their life. Icon motorcycle gear is a known and trusted brand name, and in the way of gloves — nothing beats Icon motorcycle gloves.

Icon goes all the way when it comes to style, comfort, and durability for any type of rider. If you like a sport bike, they offer a huge line of leather/mesh sport style gloves. If you ride in a state with a mixture of cold and wet weather conditions — they have some of the best water proof and cold weather gloves available.

One of the surprising facts about Icon motorcycle gloves is their modest pricing. For a line of gloves and gear that has earned respect in the motorcycle community — Icon prices their merchandise very reasonable compared to other brands of similar quality.

Icon also offers a wide variety of gloves for female riders as well. With the onslaught of new female riders — this is one of the fastest growing markets in the motorcycle community and Icon has kept pace with the demand.

Whether you ride motocross, flat-track, touring, or you ride an old Shovel Head you can find a pair of Icon motorcycle gloves that fits your style.


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Find Some Motorcycle Accessories For Valentines Day!


Motorcycle Accessories As GiftsWe know time is a valuable thing and the last thing you want to hear is a bunch of advertisers cramming gift ideas down your throat. We get it. That’s why we just took a bunch of common motorcycle accessories and chocked it down below. A simple list. You should be able to make it through the whole thing in under two minutes, which will leave you with the rest of the day to go riding. It’s up to you. Most of these bike accessories have a wide range of price so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the perfect gift.


Unlike your car, a motorcycle has little room for storage, which makes having a good backpack that much more important. Look for waterproof backpacks, form fitting and tough. When a motorcyclist is buzzing along the highway, the last thing on their mind should be whether their cargo is secure.


Helmets are a personal choice for motorcyclists. However, if you know the brand or style the rider likes, giving a new motorcycle helmet is great gift idea. This is a gift you can spend a moderate amount on or splurge. Modern motorcycle helmets have an array of options, knowing the features most important to the motorcyclist will help guide your purchase.


For an avid motorcyclist, the megapixels and hi-tech features of cameras take a backseat to durability. Nowadays, even “average” cameras produce high-quality images. Part of the joy of motorcycling is sightseeing; by giving a reliable camera, you enable them to capture any landscape moment.

Body Armor

Body armor can be just as important as a helmet. It protects the body from road rash and blunt trauma. Meant to be worn underneath clothes, you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong color or look either. Instead, look at the protection it offers to riders without sacrificing freedom of movement.


A good pair of gloves is worth their weight in gold to a motorcyclist. You want a waterproof, breathable pair that can be tightened around the wrist. This ensures that they’re comfortable and won’t get loose in all conditions at all speeds.


A rider’s comfort plays into safety, because they can focus on the road and not the uncomfortable boots they’re wearing. As with almost all motorcycle accessories, you want the boots to be waterproof and have a good fit. Be sure to get the correct size and choose a pair from a company with a good reputation. Motorcycle boots go through much more wear and tear than other pairs of boots.


T-shirts are easy. So you might as well just grab something simple from Customtcouture.com, as they just so happen to make some of the softest t-shirts in the world. Add beads and brilliant colors from the site’s library of items or upload your own graphic.

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Sexy Motorcycles And The Sexy Girls That Ride Them!


Just a small collection of some very nice bikes and some sexy girls that I found on various sites on the web but mainly on pinterest to be honest. If you have not been on pinterest you should go check it out. Lots of cool pictures on that site and you can share any of your that you want.

Maybe a Chaotic Motorsports calender is in order! Anyone have any images to contribute please contact me.

Here are some of my favorites but before that please always remember safety first!

Keep Bikers Safe!


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Is there a difference in Sportbike Gear & Cruiser Gear


Motorcycle Gear For Sale OnlineThe sun begins to rise. The morning colors span the sky: yellows, reds, blues, and bright white — it`s Saturday and it`s time to ride. Every biker, no matter what they ride, is familiar with this scenario. When shopping for motorcycle gear the most common fork in the road that determines your purchase will be what type of bike you ride; If you ride a Ninja, you`re more likely to purchase sportbike gear. If you`re on a Honda Shadow or a Harley Davidson, you`re probably going to lean toward that old school street look.

What are the differences between sportbike gear and cruiser gear? Well, the big differences, aside from style and color choices, are really in safety and protection. Yeah, the Harley rider needs protection too, but most cruiser riders want a certain look that wearing a Valentino Rossi look-a-like helmet won`t provide.

The average sport bike produces about 190 ponies under the hood vs. a Harley that averages about 80-90 horses. If you`ve ever ridden in an area that caters to sport bikes (like the North Georgia Mountains for example) you know these guys love to test the curves. They need the knee pads, shin guards, back plats, and gloves (with knuckle protection) just incase the next curve throws them like a mule.

Biker Engineer BootsMost cruiser riders are going to wear a half shell helmet, cool Harley boots, and a sleeveless vest. The differences are encouraged by tradition and attitude of course, but the main differences are driven by performance, speed, and safety.

By the way — the movement of women riding their own motorcycles is growing rapidly. Manufacturers like Icon, Alpinestars, and Nolan are seeing this trend and answering the consumer call. Sportbike gear and cruiser gear alike offer some sick styles, colors, and graphics for both men and women riders.

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If You Are In The Market For Motorcycle Bags Look At Saddlemen


Saddlemen Leather Motorcycle Saddle BagsIn the old days a rider knew better than to put anything of value in their saddle bags. Most old bikers used their saddle bag as a beer cooler filled with ice and a six pack. One thing a rider knew was if you hit a bad storm you better have your gear wrapped in a black trash bag.

Saddlemen Fork BagThose days are over — at least in terms of choice — because of companies like saddlemen motorcycle bags. Saddlemen leaves no leaf unturned in their quest to meet every possible need a rider might face in the way of tool bags, saddle bags, and luggage. Saddlemen bags and luggage sets are all constructed with a mixture of leather and “Saddle Tuff” materials that are weather resistant. All of their zippers are made with a strong nylon material that will stand the test of the road.

One of the countless things that Saddlemen offers their customers is a 48 hour satisfaction guarantee backed by a one year warranty on their bags and motorcycle luggage — that`s hard to beat.

The line of saddlemen motorcycle bags is extensive. Their lineup starts with smaller products like tool bags, sissy bar bags, fork bags, and dash mount bags. In the cruiser line they offer a vast selection and style of saddle bags with quick release options to make carrying your gear and personals much easier and quicker to access.

In the way of long haul touring, their lineup includes trunk bags, luggage sets that mount to the sissy bar or trunk, and their newest product — the “Pillion bag” — is not only designed for harsh weather conditions, but it is also aerodynamic in design. He Pillion bag is also expandable and reviews make it plain that this bag will hold a ton of gear.

If you`re looking at purchasing some new luggage or saddle bags make sure you check out saddlemen motorcycle bags before you spend a dime.

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