Thursday, June 16, 2005

Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets

I just recently discovered this brand of helmet. I had never seen is before. Scorpion makes a helmet that should cost around $600 for about $200. What I mean is quality wise youre getting a helmet that would cost you that kind of money of it were a AGV or a Suomy or such. I have friend of mine right now that has a $500 Suomy and says the Scorpion is equal to it in comfort and overall fit. Also the ventilation system on these helmets is great. You can really feel the air come thru when you are riding. The clear shields on certain models are also fog resistant.
Scorpion keeps the price down and the quality high this is due to the fact that they produce the whole helmet in house in their own factory where most other manufacturers of helmet buy all of there bits and pieces or even buy the whole helmet and then stick their own labels on. Scorpion keeps control of every aspect of the helmets construction and by eliminating the middle man the cost of there helmets is way below what you would expect from the quality you are buying. They make an Exo 400 or 700 street helmet both are exceptional. The Exo 700 series is made from fiberglass and the 400 from polycarbonate. The 700 series comes in 4 different models. You have Solids which are just solid colored helmets, then Fury, Geronimo, and Raider which have graphics and are more colorful. The Exo 400 also comes in several styles. The 400 does not have quite as many features but it is an exceptional helmet none the less.
The whole manufacturing process of these helmets are closely supervised. The only thing that is not made in house are the visors and even they are made close by in a high quality state of the art facility. If anyone has one of these helmets and would like to share your personal thoughts and experiences please post it here and let us know. According to the Scorpion website they also test their product in a wind tunnel to achieve minimal buffeting. So if youre coming out of a tuck at some speed it doenst feel like the wind is going to rip your head off . Dr.Sloan who is the head of research and development at Scorpion is also an avid rider as well as having a degree in mechanical engineering she has lots of ride time in therefore she is very in tune of the needs of the motorcycle enthusiast. She also consults for various motorcycle magazines as well as testing bikes for various motorcycle makers.


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