Friday, April 01, 2005

Samson Motorcycle Exhaust Systems for Harley Davidson.

We are currently adding different bits for Harley Davidson cycles to the site for all of you guys that love the American Bike of choice. We started with Samson exhaust systems. I have been really impressed with the variety of pipes that they make for Softail, Dyna, Sportster, Dresser and V-Rods. And some really nice looking exhaust with various designs. Different bends and slant cut ends. Also the new Extreme line they came out with is sweet. I saw a set of the Hell bound Piranha on a bike at a Rally a few weeks ago and man they looked better in person then the pics of them I have seen. Also the sound was phenomenal. The Big Gun II line is an impressive line which is made with a full coverage heat shield which give a 1-3/4" head pipe the appearance of being a 2-1/4" pipe. Also these systems are designed to improve performance. Regular Big Guns are not made with the heat shields integrated rather they are available for purchase separately. Most Samson pipes also will accept either a 1-3/4" or 2" baffles if you want to quiet them down. However not all there systems do there are a few that don’t take a baffle so they are just going to be loud. Personally one of the reasons to change pipes is to louden the exhaust sound which is so restricted by stock systems as well as improving the performance of the bike. I know its an old saying but I really think loud pipes save life’s. I know people that do not ride do not look for those of us out there on two wheels so some noise actually helps get you noticed. Well we are still not done adding all the Samson exhaust systems yet but we do have a good selection up on the site so far. Hopefully we will have them all up there soon. Also if anyone reading this has a Samson exhaust please post a comment or write a review on the site. I would love to get more input on these pipes form anyone that has some personal experience with them.


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