Monday, May 08, 2006

Moto Guzzi Chopper

I had the opportunity to purchase a Moto Guzzi a few year back which I decided to do. First of all I started riding motorcycles ona sport bike. After a few years all my buddies started getting cruisers and I think one of the most boring riding on a sport bike I have done is out putting around with guys on a cruiser. So I decided I needed a cruiser bike too. However I wanted something a little different. Well My Moto Guzzi Jackal is just that. I started looking for a used motor cycle in the cycle trade on the internet. Well I come across this really cool looking chopper for a reasonable price. Its been customized. This Moto Guzzi Chopper has fenders by West Coast Choppers as well as Risers and a Straight Bar by West Coast Choppers. Also all of the rear light had been removed and replaced by LED lights that were setup with a relay system so the lights on this bike work just like a car. Running lights brake and blinker are all integrated in to one. This makes for an awesome bare fender chopper look. The Bike was also lowered by 3 inches. Well West Coast Choppers doesn’t usually make parts for a Moto Guzzi. So the story I was told is that the guy that had this bike before my bought it Wrecked it only had slight Cosmetic Damage. He decided he wanted to make a chopper out of it. Well he lives in Long Beach close to West Coast Choppers. It turn out one of his neighbors worked at West Coast Choppers. So they became friends and retrofit the fenders and riser as well as a straight bar on to the bike. The guy I got the Bike from set up the relay system. So this is how my Moto Guzzi Chopper came to be. the guy that had the bike needed cash so I flew up to Long Beach and rode the bike back to Texas. 2 days of hardcore riding to make it to San Antonio for a Bike Rally. I have to say Moto Guzzi makes a hell of an engine I have read articles where guy have 200k on the motor without a rebuild just a little valve work and regular maintenance. That is just crazy. I have about 26ooo miles on the bike now and the motor is just as strong as ever. This is not a hp machine but it has great torque and the wheelbase is actually short so the handling is almost equivalent to my sport bike. The bike likes 80 but you can flogg it up to about 110. My Ride down from Cali to Texas it saw nothing but 90 to 100 for 2 days straight from morning to night without a single problem. The other nice thing is that people are always coming up to me and asking what the hell is that. I tell them its an Italian Harley straight from the Harley Davidson Plant in Italy lol. Guzzi has had a paint job and none of the decals are to be found on the bike besides the valve covers bearing the name and they have been painted so most folks don’t know what the bike is. Its a great fun bike that I will ride for a long time to come. The hardest part is to find custom motorcycle parts for this Bike. I have plans to powder coat the valve covers and forks black in the future as well as having some custom shift rods made since no one makes a cool shift rod for this bike.


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Jim said...

Have you came up with a shift rod for your chopped Jackel? I may be able to help you develop one.
I would like to see a picture of your Moto Guzzi.
This is my first time replying to a blog and I guess the best way to tell you how to contact would be through a Moto Guzzi Group on yahoo groups if you are not able through this post. Jim

6:42 AM  

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